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ㆍ 제목 [2017.08.28.] ICSSUR 2017
ㆍ 조회수 20090 ㆍ 등록일시 2017-11-23 17:54:43
ㆍ 첨부파일

​2017/08/28-09/01 There was International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations(IICSSUR 2017) in Jeju, Republic of Korea

- W. Son (Local Organizing and Program Committee)
- K. Baek, K. Bae, D. Lee (Volunteer staffs)   

- Contribute talks and poster presentations
   · ​Talk : Role of quantum non-Gaussian distance in entropic uncertainty relations / Wonmin Son
​   · ​Talk : Unsharpness of generalized measurement and its effects in entropic uncertainty relations / Kyunghyun Baek and Wonmin Son
​   · ​Poster : Simulation of qubits in 1D array using MPS method / Donggeun Lee and Wonmin Son
​   · ​Poster : Tight Bell ineequality from generalized correlation approach in bi-partite 4-dimension / Kwangil Bae and Wonmin Son  

이전글 [2017.05.31.] Seminar with Random Analysis group (Kookmin Univ.)
다음글 [2017.12.12.] Scholarship from ADD