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The current page is for the International Institute for the Initiative of Quantum Technologies (IIIQT).

Recent Activities

  • (11 Nov 2022) IIIQT meeting preparation
  • (28~29 Jun 2022) IIIQT supported the QI conference in KIAS, Program.
  • (28 Jan 2022) IIIQT seminar had been held using zoom meeting.
  • (22 Dec 2021) IIIQT held end of year seminar 2021 using zoom meeting.
  • (1~2 Jul 2021) IIIQT has participated in ICQC 2021.
  • (29~30 Jun 2021) IIIQT has co-hosted the 4th Quantum Information Conference.
  • (26 Apr 2021) IIIQT Introduction movie has been uploaded.
  • (2 Apr 2021) The meeting had been held using zoom meeting.
  • (29 Jan 2021) The second meeting had been held using zoom meeting.
  • (8 Jan 2021) The first version of IIIQT website has been launched.
  • (18 Dec 2020) The first kickoff meeting had been held using zoom meeting.

Recent Resources

Relevant Meetings


Oxford Collaboration

Publications as IIIQT activities

2021, Apr. (SNU) :

Min-entropy as a resource for one-shot private state transfer, quantum masking, and state transition, Phys. Rev. A [1]

2021, Mar. (SNU) :

Highly photon-loss-tolerant quantum computing using hybrid qubits, Phys. Rev. A [2]

Quantum one-time tables for unconditionally secure qubit-commitment, Quantum [3]

Randomness for quantum channels: Genericity of catalysis and quantum advantage of uniformness, Phys. Rev. Res. [4]

2020, Dec. (SNU) :

Optical estimation of unitary Gaussian processes without phase reference using Fock states, New J. Phys. [5]

2020. Nov. (Sogang) :

A measurable physical theory of hyper-correlations beyond quantum mechanics, Phys. Scr. [6]

Bell-type correlation at quantum phase transitions in spin-1 chain, Entropy [7]

2020, Oct. (SNU) :

Compressively Certifying Quantum Measurements', PRX Quantum [8]

Supporting Activities


Academic visit

Participants (Domestic)

Muhan Choi (Kyungpook, Homepage)

Hyunseok Jeong (SNU, Homepage)

Youngsik Ra (KAIST, Homepage)

Wonmin Son (Sogang, host, Homepage)

Dahyun Yum (Ewha)

Hyobin Yoo (Sogang, Homepage)

Hyunjoon Beak (Sogang, Homepage)

James Moran (Sogang)

Advisory Board

Jinhyoung Lee (Hanyang)

Yongsu Kim (KIST)

Hansup Moon (Pusan)

Young-wook Choi (Yonsei)

Kwang-geol Lee (Hanyang)

International Partners

Jungsang Kim (Duke, US)

Myungshik Kim (Imperial, UK)

Tracy Northup (Innsbruck, Austria)

Luigi Amico (Abu Dhabi, Singapore)


Project Manager : Yunjeong Kwon


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- Visit us: Covid-19 Related