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We do study on any topics related with

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Research Highlight

  • Uncertainty principle; Information theoretic quantum uncertainty.
  • Generalization of non-locality; What is the most general form of non-locality?
  • Estimation theory and precision measurement; Does entanglement help?
  • Quantum control and quantum biology;
  • Quantum cryptography and information;
  • Many-body & complex quantum system; How can the multipartite entanglement relate with exotic phase of materials?
  • Contextuality and graph theory for high-dimensional systems;

A few selected articles

  • "Optimized entropic uncertainty for successive projective measurements",

Kyunghyun Baek, Tristan Farrow, and Wonmin Son, Phys. Rev. A. 89, 032108 (2014)

  • "Quantum phase transition between cluster and antiferromagnetic states",

W. Son, L. Amico, R. Fazio, A. Hamma, S. Pascazio, V. Vedral, Europhys. Lett. vol. 95, 50001 (2011)

  • "Quantum instability in a quasi-long-range ordered phase",

W. Son, L. Amico, F. Plastina, V. Vedral, Phys. Rev. A, 79, 022302 (2009)

  • "Test of nonlocality for a continuous-variable state based on arbitrary number of measurement outcomes",

W. Son, C. Brukner and M. S. Kim, Phys. Rev. Lett., 97, 110401 (2006)

  • "Joint measurements and Bell inequalities",

W. Son, E. Andersson, S. M. Barnett and M. S. Kim,Phys. Rev. A, 72, 052116, (2005)

  • "Entanglement by a beam splitter: nonclassicality as a prerequisite for entanglement",

M. S. Kim, W. Son, V. Buzek, and P.L. Knight, , Phys. Rev. A, 65, 032323 (2002)

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Lecture Note

  • Entanglement (양자 얽힘 현상이란 무엇인가?) (2013년 2월 18일 KIAS Winter School)
 "Entanglement", 2013

What is happening at QOQI lab

  • 2019/04/30 There was the celebration of the award for outstanding graduate student (2019 1st semester) by department of physics, Sogang university. [Link]
    • Y. Jo was selected as one of the winners, and he presented his works.
  • 2019/04/24-26 There was 2019 KPS spring conference in the Daejeon, Republic of Korea.
    • Poster : Bell type measurements for the phase quantification of the 1D spin-1 chain / Dongkeun Lee and Wonmin Son
    • Poster : Semi-device-independent multiparty quantum key distribution in the asymptotic limit / Yonggi Jo and Wonmin Son
  • 2019/02/20 There was the seminar by Prof. Kim Kihwan (Tsinghua Univ.), "Quantum computation and quantum simulation with trapped ions."
  • 2018/11/14-15 There was Future Crypto Workshop 2018 in the Ramada Seoul Hotel.
    • There was the awards ceremony of the 2018 Korean Crypto Competition (2018 국가암호공모전).
    • Y. Jo received honourable mention. [Link]
  • 2018/10/24-26 ​There was 2018 KPS fall conference in the Changwon, Republic of Korea.
    • Poster : A family of Bell inequalities for maximally entangled states / Kwangil Bae and Wonmin Son
    • Poster : ​Efficient high-dimensional quantum key distribution with hybrid encoding / Yonggi Jo, Hee Su Park, Seung-Woo Lee, and Wonmin Son
    • Y. Jo received the grand prize for outstanding poster presentation award.
  • 2018/04/25-27 There was 2018 KPS spring conference in Daejeon, Republic of Korea.
    • Poster : Numerical evaluation of the localizable entanglement in 1D spin chain model / Dongkeun Lee and Wonmin Son
  • 2018/04/23-24 There was the first 'Quantim information conference' in OSK(Optical Society Korea) conference 2018 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
    • Analytic approach to tight Bell’s ineqaulities in bi-partite system / Kwangil Bae and Wonmin Son
    • Numerical evaluation of the localizable entanglement in 1D spin chain model / Donggeun Lee and Wonmin Son
  • 2018/01/04-07 There was Workshop on quantum information theory 2018 in Jeju, Republic of Korea.
    • Invited talk : Generalization of Bell-CHSH non-locality and beyond / Wonmin Son
    • Contributed talk : Role of measurement unsharpness in entropic uncertainty relations / Kyunghyun Baek and Wonmin Son
    • Contributed talk : Enhanced Bell state measurement for efficient measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution using 3-dimensional quantum states / Yonggi Jo, Kwangil Bae, and Wonmin Son

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