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We warmly welcome you for your visit. Our office door is opened to all of you and you might enjoy the discussion with us. Please drop us an e-mail and show us your intension to visit us. ^^



  • Dr. Marco Tulio Quintino (The University of Tokyo), 22-23, March
  • Prof. Akihito Soeda (The University of Tokyo), 21-24, Feburary


  • Dr. Tristan Farrow (Oxford University), from 20th to 29th, March
  • Dr. Kavan Modi (Monash University), Dr. Su-Yong Lee (KIAS), 9th, March
  • Dr. Adel Sohbi (Télécom ParisTech), 20th, January


  • Dr. Amit Kumar Pal (Harish-Chandra Reaserch Institute), 25th, April - 4th, May
  • Prof. Vlatko Vedral and Dr. Andrew J. P. Garner (CQT), 2nd-6th, April


  • Dr. Issac Kim (Perimeter Institute), 15th, December
  • Dr. Erkka Theodor Haapasalo (Turku Centre for Quantum Physics), 25th, November ~ 8th, December
  • Prof. Martin Plenio (Ulm Univ.), 27th, November
  • Dr. Teiko Heinosaari (Turku Centre for Quantum Physics), 20th, August
  • Mr. Seungho Yang (Seoul Nat'l Univ.), 8th, May
  • Dr. Jeongho Bang (Seoul Nat'l Univ.), 16th, March
  • Prof. Seung-Woo Lee (Seoul Nat'l Univ.), 10th, March


  • Prof. Jinhyng Lee (Hanyang Univ.), 10th and 13th, Oct.
  • Prof. Won-Young Hwang (Chonnam Nat'l Univ.), 18-19th, Sept.
  • Prof. Jinhyung Lee (Hanyang Univ.), 15th, Sept.
  • Dr. Hee Su Park (KRISS), 10th, June
  • Dr. Jeongho Bang (Seoul Nat'l Univ.), 10th, June
  • Prof. Yong-il Shin (Seoul Nat'l Univ.), 15th, April
  • Dr. Joseph Paul Cotter (Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology), 7th~11th, April
  • Dr. Dong-Uk Hwang (NIMS), 6th, March
  • Dr. Jingak Jang (ETRI), 4th, Feb.
  • Prof. Kihwan Kim (Tsinghwa Univ.), 27th, Jan.


  • Dr. Jeongho Bang (Seoul Nat'l Univ.), 19th, Nov.
  • Dr. Jingak Jang (ETRI), 7th, Nov.
  • Mr. Jungjun Park (CQT PhD Student), 24th, Sept.
  • Dr. Tristan Farrow (Oxford), 9~17th, July.
  • Prof. Sangwook Kim (Pusan Nat'l Univ.), 4th, July.
  • Dr. Seungwoo Lee (Darthmouth), 24th, June.
  • Dr. Jingak Jang (ETRI), 12th, June.
  • Dr. Jeongho Bang (Seoul Nat'l Univ.), 7th, June & 24th, July.
  • Prof. Kyungyuk Chae (Sungkyunkwan Univ.), 4th, June.
  • Dr. James Lim (Hanyang Univ.), 27-28th, May.
  • Prof. Hyunseok Jeong (Seoul Nat'l Univ.), 24th, May. (Google meeting)
  • Prof. Youngmin Rhee (POSTECH), 7th, May
  • Prof. Jinhyung Lee (Hanyang Univ.), 4th, Apr.


  • Dr. Tristan Farrow (Oxford), 8th~15th, Sept.


  • Reserved Dr. Yoon Hong (Imperial), 14th, Oct.
  • Dr. Kavan Modi (CQT), 2nd ~ 8th, Sept.
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